October Chapter Meeting!

Austin Parr

"Conventional Tactics for Trout"

Our guest speaker will be Austin Parr.  He will be going over "Conventional Tactics for Trout"  and will be largely talking about the proper time and place to set down the flyfishing equipment and break out conventional gear to be more  successful out on the water.  Whether the wind is blowing down in South Park or you are dealing with extra picky fish on some of the most pressured tailwaters, utilizing various conventional tactics that many fly-fisherman overlook can truly produce strikes that otherwise would not happen.  Although there can be a negative connotation associated with conventional tackle in some fly fishing communities, when utilized properly,  spinning tackle can not only be effective but can also be safe and ethical for the fishery.                                                                                 
Austin Parr is a local fishing guide that has managed, and been the buyer for Discount Fishing Tackle for the last seven years.   Although he specializes in warm water fishing that includes walleyes smallmouth, and largemouth bass, he also guides for and regularly fishes high country lakes and rivers for various species of trout.  He has had a passion for the outdoors for his entire life and is truly privileged to be able to incorporate this  passion into his everyday work.  Whether teaching clients on guide trips or talking to customers in the shop, having the ability to help other anglers catch more fish is Austin's number one goal in the industry.   

In addition to our speaker, it is time for our annual meeting.  The first 10-15 minutes of our Chapter Meeting this month will be dedicated to the C.C.A. Annual Business/State of the Chapter Meeting.  Various board members will update you on the status of the chapter and different initiatives we are pursuing.  We would also like to encourage everyone to volunteer.  There are various committees and Board positions that could use members, i.e. youth outreach, HEART, conservation projects, etc.

All positions are volunteer and only require a modest effort and time commitment with a three year term. Please consider your potential for one of these rolls or nominate another willing and current Cherry Creek Anglers chapter member.

Where:  The Parker Senior Center, 10675 Longs Way, Parker, CO., 80138.

When:   Doors open at 6:30 pm, Thursday, Oct. 12 and the festivities start at 7:00 p.m.

Troutastic 2017


HEART Project Sign Restored

Entomology Class with "The Bug Guy"

So, you’re going fly fishing. You walk up to the stream side and wonder, “What fly should I tie on first?”. The bigger question is, “What are the trout in this stretch of water eating, what fauna (bugs) are living in this stretch of water?” If you can answer that question, you can quickly determine the answer to your first question, “What fly should I tie on?”

Well, the best way to learn how to read the water and determine the bug life in the water is to join us to an on the water Entomology class with non other than The Bug Guy himself, Robert Younghanz. Robert is an Aquatic Entomologist and Fly Fishing Guide at the Angler’s Covey Fly Shop in Colorado Springs. To learn more about Robert, you can go to his website www.the-bug-guy.com, or www.robertyounghanzflyfishing.com/.
Robert has generously offered to provide a stream side Entomology class to Cherry Creek Anglers for 1/2 his usual cost!

At the present time, I’m talking to Robert to arrange a time and place when he is available and how much it will cost. It will be in the $50 to $75 range is my best guess at this time. Also to be determined is the location of this class.

If you are interested in joining in this class please email me, Larry Wilchek, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and use the phrase “Entomology Class” in the subject line. We already have 12 people signed up. I don’t know if Robert has a size restriction for his classes, but sign up and we will play it by ear if class size becomes a problem.
More information will be updated here and in a group email of interested participants as it becomes available.

Fly Tying Group




Bead Heads and BBQ!


Come hang out with us every 1st and 3rd Tuesday night of the month for a casual evening of fly tying, BBQ and outragous fish stories!

Since losing our last venue, we’ve moved the soiree to Famous Dave's, where the food and décor look like they were made with Fly-Fisher-folk in mind.  The food and beverages available are an option, but will feed the soul and stick to your ribs.  And the fly tying & comradery, well,  you’ll be hooked, guaranteed. 
Tie your favorite fly, show off your latest creations, learn/share new fly tying techniques, restock your boxes or just sit back and watch the fun.
All skill and age levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced bug builders. Even if you've never tied a fly before and would like to just "kick the tires" to find out just how fun fly tying really is, we have some great, experienced (and patient) tier/teachers that are more than willing to show you the basics and start you down the road on this fun and rewarding endeavor. You'll leave with fishable flies that you’ve tied yourself! If you've been around the fly tying bench for a while, but need some advice on a specific technique, tool or how to wrangle a particular material, there's sure to be someone around the table that's been there, bought the t-shirt and can help you figure it out.

When:   7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Every other first and third Tuesday of the month, through April

Where:  We are meetin
g at Famous Dave's, 15725 East Briarwood Circle, Aurora, CO 80016.   

What to Bring:   All or nothing. If you're new to Fly Tying, we'll lend you all the necessary tying tools and materials you'll need for the night.  If you've been around the tying bench a few times, come and show us what you've got! 


Logo Wear

Our Chapter is excited to announce the availability of Cherry Creek Anglers Logo Wear for purchase. If you’ve participated in some recent summer events you may have seen members wearing embroidered polo shirts; and a table with CCA Logo Wear was set up at the last Casting Clinic.