Troutastic Fun

Days like these were just made for fishing.....

The weather was gorgeous! Just one of those Colorado days that makes you feel glad to be a fisherman and thankful that we live in such a beautiful state. Some Troutastic fishing events have taken place in frigid temperatures and on rainy days, but not this year. Troutastic 2016 was as full of sunshine as it was full of participants.

The parents and kids arrived ready to enjoy the day and catch some fish. Out Chapter volunteers and CPW volunteers were ready to lend a hand. Lake Lehow had been recently stocked with fish and the water was crystal clear.

The day started with some basic instruction and knowledge about how to use a rod and fishing in Colorado. The kids got to practice casting and thanks to Larry trudging out into the river, they also got to see first-hand some of the bugs that live underwater. It's amazing to see the surprise on their faces when they look into the tub of water and find big stonefly nymphs swimming around.

Worms were the bait du jour, and the afternoon was filled with a grilled lunch and fish on the line. Many kids caught their first fish ever and many kids caught more than one. The CPW volunteers let us know that we were one of the best groups they had all year and the parents had lots of praise for our awesome volunteers! 

I had to leave early, but most of the volunteers hung around after the event to test their luck with the big bass and catfish. I'm not sure who caught what, but I suppose those fish stories are for another article :-)

Submitted By: Lori Bertagnolli