• That's Why it's Called "Fishing"! That's Why it's Called "Fishing"!

    On Saturday morning, December 20, 2014, anglers from hither-and-yon descended upon the Pueblo Reservoir tailwater (AKA The Lower Arkansas) to do battle with the wily trout.  

  • January Platte River Trip January Platte River Trip

    The weather had been temptingly warm for about a week so we were itching to get back on the river….


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Cherry Creek Anglers is a non-profit organization which is a subsidiary of Trout Unlimited (TU). It serves members residing in the southeastern Denver metro area. The mission statement for the chapter is: "To Conserve, Protect, and Restore Coldwater Fisheries and their Watersheds". The chapter is also associated with Colorado Trout Unlimited (CTU) which represents the TU chapters in Colorado.